LinkedIn Marketer

For the last few years, the majority of marketers have ignored LinkedIn as an important tool for their businesses. While LinkedIn is a great place to find and network with other professional business people, it can also be used to promote your personal brand. In fact, the number one reason why some people are not taking advantage of LinkedIn is because they don’t know how to use it as part of their marketing mix.

The most successful online marketers already know that LinkedIn is an excellent way to generate leads, but not all marketers know how to make it work for them. The fact is that many marketers focus only on their direct traffic from their personal accounts and ignore their ability to use LinkedIn’s paid social campaigns. Many experts believe that a company’s brand is its most valuable asset, because people trust brands. If you don’t have a brand, you don’t have a business. This makes paid social advertising campaigns from LinkedIn absolutely critical for a serious business’s marketing strategy. Once a marketer becomes familiar with these platforms, they will realize that they can leverage LinkedIn paid social campaigns to get more exposure for their business and attract new customers.

One of the first things that any good marketer will do is understand how to use LinkedIn’s paid search options to their benefit. When a marketer sets up a profile on LinkedIn, they have the ability to enter specific keywords in order to find targeted traffic from searches conducted by their target audience. A good LinkedIn marketer will capitalize on these keywords by adding relevant ads on LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn ads can appear in the search results, in the company’s newsfeed, or anywhere else that the marketer’s target audience may look. The trick is finding creative ways to make LinkedIn ads useful for a business’s marketing goals.

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers who want to capitalize on LinkedIn’s paid search features make is taking a generic, cookie-cutter approach to their profile. These marketers focus on adding a bunch of irrelevant keywords in their bios, and they hope that this will attract a large audience. What they often fail to realize is that when a person searches for a keyword that they are searching for, these same people will type in a completely different set of terms. This means that a profile that is full of relevant keywords will get very few clicks. A custom, relevant profile will draw a large audience and help a marketer attract the types of customers they’re looking for.

Another mistake that marketers make on LinkedIn is sending a LinkedIn connection request without including a good headline. Writing a compelling headline is one of the key ingredients when it comes to making LinkedIn work for you. A headline needs to grab the attention of a reader while still being kind and respectful. Good headlines use personal pronouns (whoever they’re from) in a way that makes them unique and give readers a sense of who the writer is as a professional.

A bad headline also doesn’t grab the attention of a reader, and instead ends up causing a disconnect between a marketer and a prospect. A bad headline can cause a person to ignore the rest of a text, and they may not even click through to the rest of the profile. However, good headlines are eye-catching enough to grab attention and make people want to read the rest of the text. A great headline will grab the reader’s attention and interest while staying within the targeted audience. For example, if a profile is for a carpet cleaner, a catchy headline could be “Carpet Cleaning Tips: 7 Ways to Get Leads on Your Job” or “Carpet Cleaners: 4 Personal Career Goals That Can Help You Grow Your Business”.

Finally, a poorly written profile picture is also a common mistake for a LinkedIn Marketer. Many times, a picture is chosen purely for looks. The photo might not look right, or the color tone of the image could be off, so the profile becomes unappealing to the viewer. Also, some people post their profile pictures in the wrong setting, such as low resolution or dark. These things can easily cause profile visitors to have a bad impression of the business.

Being a great LinkedIn Marketer means being able to build strong connections with potential clients and customers. Therefore, a profile that is visually appealing and has high quality content will go a long way in bringing more attention to a profile. It’s important to remember that most profile visitors are not internet savvy so they aren’t going to be able to tell the difference between an attractive or boring profile. As such, the content of a profile is critical. If a company wants to grow its profile, it’s important to pay close attention to how it’s being constructed and how it can help potential customers connect to a business.