Guest Post Writer

As an experienced Guestblogger, I am often asked to review a potential Guestpost with my view of the Guest Post. This has become a regular practice with me over the past year as there have been many guest posts on several of my favourite sites. As I look at some of the Guestposts I have seen and read some of the comments from the Guest poster regarding the content they put up, I have also gained a perspective on Guestpost writing from across the world. I’m now going to compile a series-a short report-of the pros and cons of Guest posts for UK, Australia and USA investors.

Guest blogging is an interesting concept in that the content you write about should be directly related to the theme of your website. This will then make it easier for search engines to understand what your site is about. If you’ve published articles on several Investment property blogs then the Google indexes those blogs. It is important however, to have content that can be understood by people across the world. There are a number of ways to do this. You could do a guest post in a forum, write articles on your own website with relevant keywords, or you could send your article to an article directory service.

The pros of having guest posts on your site are that they increase your exposure and value in the eyes of visitors. For example, if you’ve written an informative article about Commercial Property in London then having someone from France reading that article on your site could help to improve your rating on the search engines. A lot of writers don’t realise that they can do a great deal for their online performance and profitability by putting guest posts on their site. Also some writers would rather do a guest post for a site where their content would be appreciated than just get a few readers who may not buy anything.

Another pro would be that if you have done a good job then you’ll have people looking forward to reading your posts. Maybe they wouldn’t buy anything today, but maybe next week they would. If you haven’t got anyone looking forward to your post, they’re not likely to visit again anyway.

Another pro would be to have some nice incoming links pointing to your site. This would be useful if you write good content and are in a position to have your site ranked fairly high on the search engines. But how does the new visitor to find your site? One of the best ways to get them there is through the article directories. Article directories allow you to link directly to your website which can also help you to get more incoming links.

Many article posting sites have a good submission policy. They will allow you to submit fresh content and also look at your existing content. If you have written something that is similar to something that they already publish then you could consider doing a short guest post. As long as you make your post good and original it would be fine.

There’s another reason for doing a guest post. Some sites want to attract new advertisers. If you write an article that is relevant to their advertisers’ products and/or services then you may be offered a place on their blog for free. This would be worth the effort as it can get you lots of free advertising.

You should always take extra care when writing a guest post. It’s important to give your readers good content. But at the same time it’s important not to overwhelm them with too much information. Keep it short and to the point. The last thing you want is to annoy your readers with a long introduction and then they move onto your article.