freelance stationery designer

A freelance stationery designer is a person who works independently as a designer and produces original stationery with Microsoft Word templates from home. The stationery produced by such designers are usually self-published by the designer or commissioned works made by well-known designers and decorators. This profession involves creating attractive stationery for both companies and individuals. Stationery design is a special form of graphic design that gives an overall view of an item from all angles, including the visual, technical, functional and creative aspects.

Stationery can be anything, from business cards, newsletters, posters, flyers to stationery that contains invitations, thank you notes, birth announcements, Christmas cards and notes for sending flowers, gifts and cards. The stationery designer can work in any field or niche. It can even be related to aesthetics or creativity. Some of the areas where such designers work include wedding invitations, corporate stationery, thank you notes, holiday greetings, thank you notes for businesses and school projects, collateral for brochures and catalogues, stationery for advertising and marketing, invitations and holiday greeting cards. The best friend of the stationery designer must be the best designer in creating unique designs for each project.

The best way to find a wedding stationery designer is to talk to your friends and relatives who have married and get their feedback regarding the designer they employed for the wedding. It is advised to make a list of at least three professional designers and shortlist two. Your list may include freelance designers, interior designers and a wedding stationery designer. You should speak candidly to everyone about how exactly they did on their projects and what their special skills and abilities are. A good relationship and working rapport between you is very important while assigning a wedding invitation card.

Once you shortlisted the designers, you should discuss with them regarding the details of the invitation cards including colors, styles, shapes and textures etc. You should not only concentrate on the technicalities but also keep an open mind to your creative side. Your wedding stationery designer may suggest that you add a border around the invitation or inserts pictures on the invites. This will depend upon the theme and nature of your celebration.

If you wish to incorporate your favorite photos on the invitation cards, then you need to give adequate time for the photo shoot. This is because if you rush with the invitation before the wedding date, you may not find the photographer ready on time. It is not advisable to rely totally on the stationery designer while selecting the colors for the invitations as it is more likely that the colors chosen will clash with the dress of the bride. It is advisable to take enough time to choose the right color and pattern of the invitations.

Some designers use clip art to create the graphics instead of using actual images. This makes the designer look professional and impressive. However, it is not advisable to follow such trend if you want your wedding invitation to be unique and original. Even though you can create the designs on your own, you should leave the task to the stationery designer who can easily incorporate the graphics on the card in a stylish manner.

While hiring a stationery designer, you should not only focus on the pricing structure and type of services they offer but also look into their portfolio. It is important to compare their previous work to check whether their prices have fallen down or not. This will help you in choosing the one who offers you the best packages and affordable prices at the same time.

Most professional stationery designers offer creative designs to meet all your printing needs. However, you should not hesitate to change the designs as per your preferences. For instance, if you want to add a personal touch to your wedding invitations then you can choose to add your photo’s or wedding party pictures on the cards. The designs available in the market are enough to suit every need and budget. So, make sure to take enough time to choose the right wedding stationery designer for your big day.