Email Marketing Manager

Email Marketing Manager career profile are searching for an experienced and passionate email marketing manager to join Marketing staff! As an Email Marketing Manager in business, you would be responsible for developing and executing overall email marketing strategy for the business. You will need to manage your business’s email list, its marketing effectiveness, and its follow-up and response rate. In short, as an Email Marketing Manager you are responsible for building, nurturing, and managing an email list to the best of your ability. Your responsibility may also include managing promotional campaigns and events.

What are the requirements to work as an email marketing manager? The common prerequisite to join this type of position is a Bachelor’s degree. It is important to note that most positions are not hiring due to a lack of educational background or experience. However, if you do have an educational background, your odds of being hired will certainly increase. In fact, most marketing managers started as marketing assistants, which means they had to complete a Bachelor’s degree program related to marketing.

Do I have to be an undergraduate student? Marketing managers do come from all sorts of backgrounds. For example, marketers come from all sorts of educational backgrounds. A marketing assistant who majored in communications or marketing could make a very good email marketing manager candidate. There is one very important caveat to keep in mind though: there are a limited number of administrators who hire individuals with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Marketing.

Do I get to customize the promotional campaigns I create? Yes! As a marketing manager you get to choose how you want to design your email marketing campaigns. Depending on whether you are a small-time entrepreneur or an established market leader, you can tweak and test everything from the headline to the copy and even the graphics.

How many emails will I be sending out? Only as many as your email database permits. You cannot exceed the capacity of your email database. If you decide to hire an email marketing manager, you must specify this number during the hiring process. Do not be fooled into thinking you can work closely with your marketing manager and send unlimited emails.

Will hire an email marketing manager or email marketing specialist increase my workload? No! As long as you understand what the job description clearly states, you can focus on the tasks at hand. A specialist is generally very skilled and can meet a higher volume of work than a non-specialist, provided of course you are willing to accept their increased workload.

Can I work remotely and still have access to all of my emails? Yes, you can! The job description of a marketing manager or email marketing specialist clearly states that they will have direct access to your database. You can work remotely so long as you meet the requirements of your management team.

How do I know how to apply for these jobs? When you are looking at a marketing manager or email marketing specialist job description, make sure you understand everything there is to know about this field. Ask for references from former clients. Check out the company’s website. Make sure you understand how to use the company’s resources and what kind of budget you will likely be dealing with.

Can I develop multiple campaigns? Email marketing managers and specialists typically handle a variety of clientele, depending upon their specific needs. Some companies may only need periodic updates on their brand awareness programs, whereas others may want ongoing monitoring and reporting on their advertising strategies. Find out what kinds of campaigns your prospective company requires before you commit yourself to a job.

How will I get access to various email lists? Each marketing manager and specialist should have a variety of databases in which to run their campaigns. These databases should be regularly updated and maintained, though most companies don’t keep an entire set of databases on hand. Some companies only update their most basic database, which contains customer information, for example. Others maintain an extensive database of marketing campaigns and customer data, which can include an extensive list of email addresses along with detailed marketing information.

Do I have to be technologically savvy to work as a manager? While most email marketing strategies are generally straightforward, communication between various departments within a company can become complex. To successfully manage these campaigns, you’ll likely need to possess solid technical skills. If you have experience working as a network manager or an assistant to a manager, you may find it easy to integrate your skills to the position. Otherwise, seek out a hiring manager with experience in overseeing specialized campaigns.